Considering the current state of affairs, it has become indispens­able to develop the ability and knowledge necessary for accurate and comprehensive analyses of the events and of the factors that have a determining influence on the issues concerning the island of Cyprus, which has occupied a very important geostrategic posi­tion throughout history.

   It was decided that all the necessary preconditions and resources for conducting this type of analysis and investigation in an inde­pendent and impartial environment were present at Eastern Mediterranean University. Consequently, the EMU-CSS was estab­lished in the 2000-2001 academic year. EMU has thus assumed a historical mission in terms of the development and utilization of strategic research and planning as an instrument in the service of the state and society.

   The EMU-CSS, like all other similar institutions that believe the peace and welfare of the region cannot be left to chance and has to be determined in advance, shall undoubtedly make considerable contributions to the establishment of a viable solution and lasting peace in Cyprus and the region, through the work it has conducted and will be conducting as a leader in the field of strategic research.

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